The Holiday Region

Sulden, the Ortler and surroundings

Sulden (Italian Solda) is located 1900 m above sea level and is one of the most renowned holiday resorts in South Tyrol. The highest peaks of the Eastern Alps and the state-of-the-art ski area in winter attract tourists all year round.

“Moderate altitude” – that is what sport and  neurophysiologists call the medium altitude range, in which mild hypoxia exercises a fountain of youth effect on our organism. The low oxygen partial pressure in the air leads to the Body exerting itself more even without any Fitness training at all. It forms more red blood cells and the thyroid galvanises the metabolism. In this way, not only is muscular tissue activated, but all approximately 70 Trillion somatic cells are supplied with Oxygen and fresh energy. “Body & mind Fitness” – that is what US Bioscience calls this effect, which already stimulates peripheral cells as well as approximately 400 Billion nerve cells on the first day of a holiday.


The Ortler

The holiday region around the Ortler (3.905 m) allows visitors to experience South Tyrol’s highest mountain up close. Mountaineers consider it one of the most important summits in the Eastern Alps. Wild ridges, steep ascents, lush, sleepy meadows and tranquil pastures all play a role in attracting large number of hikers and mountain walkers to the area every year. In winter, the sea of green becomes a white paradise for winter sport enthusiasts.

The winding mountain road leading to the Stelvio Pass is the highest pass road in Italy (at 2,758 m) and is considered one of the most impressive roads in the world, with its 48 bends on the South Tyrolean side.  he characteristic bends in front of the impressive panorama of the Stelvio National Park make the Stelvio Pass road one of the most popular routes for cyclists and motorcyclists. 

The Stelvio Pass


The historic town of Glorenza/Glurns with its 900 inhabitants, is one of the smallest cities in the world and the smallest one in South Tyrol. The town in the Upper Venosta Valley has a medieval centre and boasts the only intact enclosed fortification in the Alps, complete with fully preserved ramparts and picturesque gate towers.

The half-submerged church steeple in the Resia Lake is almost the symbol of Venosta Valley and has been declared a protected historical artefact, becoming a tourist attraction and thus symbolizing the legacy of old Curon. However, the story behind this postcard-like image is far less idyllic and the romantic as the inhabitants of the town of Curon/Graun, which was completely flooded, lost the basis of their livelihood.

Resia Lake

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